Sunday, July 17, 2011

Marvel University Summer Schedule Update

Howdy true believers! Now that we're a couple of years into our review of Marvel's first decade of Super Heroes, and the number of monthly books is on the rise, we've decided it's time to slow down the pace a bit. Rather than posting a month's worth of reviews each Monday-Wednesday-Friday, we'll be posting our reviews once a week (on new comic book Wednesday). 

Thanks for taking time to check out the blog, and please consider leaving comments, either to add your own opinion on the titles under discussion, or to let us know what we're doing wrong (or right)!
- The MU Faculty & Staff

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  1. Boy, do those ads bring back memories! I don't think I ever actually sent off for any of them, but I thought about it a lot! I did clip the coupons for Palisades Amusement Park just outside of New York City and I think I was able to use them once when we went in about 1969. I remember that my dad was very worked up because a day at the amusement park for a family of four cost around 40 dollars all told. I think that was probably the last time we ever went. They tore it down soon after that. One of the best things was the Batman tunnel, where you walk through the slowly rotating tunnel with pictures of Batman on it!

  2. Jack-
    You're right, these ads were a big part of what we remember from these comics, even if they weren't why we became fans. I didn't send away for any of them either, but I remember every time I would be excited and try to show my comics to my dad, he would get stuck on looking at all the adds and never did read the comics!

  3. I see that at you can get digital versions of all the old Marvel comics, for a reasonable price.

  4. And who is that girl with Arnold?